Thursday, January 21, 2021


Many who read the following will feel somewhat shocked about a certain portion of what is said below. Spirit conveyed no shock, no judgement. Spirit simply related what is. Seeing the world in a similar way aids the manifestation of spirit. This does not denote approval or disapproval.

Not long ago, I was successful at reducing my Facebook time. The political events of January 6 changed that. Last night, I decided to once again make the effort of reducing my posts. During my morning meditation I heard this from Spirit.

In this case, I am not sure how to define what part of Spirit told me this. My angel was not involved or at least not as I understood the input. This seemed to be a more transpersonal authority.

Items in brackets were implied in the conversation.

Spirit:     You need to stop posting political opinions on Facebook. This does not serve the task before you.

Myself:  I understand. Regardless, are those opinions correct?

Spirit:     No. You do not have enough information to be correct. Neither does anyone else. People do not have enough information, even about those around them, to make correct decisions [hold opinons]. Around you are people that have sex with animals, that engage in [what you would call] depravity, that are thieves etc. You do not know those around you. [Most people do not.] No one has enough information about politics to be correct.

At this point, I am thinking of poor media coverage.

Spirit: So, it has always been.

So, much for blaming the media as well.

Judgement is always putting ourself at odds with others instead of simple seeing what is. Living in that judgement-free place is exceedingly difficult. At the extreme, how can you not judge those about to kill you, as Jesus is said to have done? How can you not judge the person trying to seduce your spouse? While judgement is certainly an understandable response from a human perspective, it does not serve as well as we think. Judgement is a detriment to peace.

Discernment is different. Discernment is the ability to wisely determine compatibility. A person may need to keep her circle filled only with others of her religion, until such time as she is sufficiently emersed to have gained a certain level of understanding. This is discernment. When she reaches a point where that is no longer necessary and branches out, this too is discernment. When a person refrains from spending time with someone who is a physical, mental or emotional threat, this is discernment. Placing a value on that person, is judgement. Discernment does not judge.

The ego is very good at masking judgement as discernment. The ego may see a person as a threat, which he is but that threat is purely to the ego, not the person and certainly not to the spirit of the person sitting in judgement. Still, the ego will rise up in judgement and tell the person they are wisely discerning.

The point is peace. As long as we sit in judgement, we sit apart from that which is. We sit in conflict. Conflict destroys peace. Peace relaxes the mind to hear Spirit at deeper and deeper levels. Therefore, judgement restrains us from Spirit.


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