Saturday, November 14, 2020

Your Thoughts Matter

Mystics receive messages in many ways. Sometimes, it is by observing coincidences. Other times, it simply being self-aware enough to know you are missing something bigger and looking for it. We have dreams. Then again, there is the famous ‘download’ of information that psychics talk about that leads them to doing a specific technique. We have leaps of thought in mediation that lead us in various directions. Sometimes, we are plainly instructed by the powers themselves.

All of that falls under the heading of unverified personal gnosis. These leaps of intuition can rarely be linked to some known fact and when they can, no one takes the link seriously. That is likely a good thing. Such information is meant for the practitioner alone. Sometimes, a cool thing happens and several people get the same message. Sometimes, we are simply instructed.

The rarest thing of all are messages for other people. If a mystic just randomly tells you s/he has a message for you that you didn’t ask for, there is a 99% chance their ego is interfering. In this case, I believe I stumbled upon a truth that would be good for the world to hear. That may be my ego. That may be the truth.

I experienced a series of dreams that repeatedly demonstrated the same message. I was shown over and over again how holding onto a memory or perspective about someone else is the equivalent of putting them in a cage with themselves. The person cannot change or has a much more difficult time doing so because someone else deeply believes they are the person they have always been.

Another word for this cage is a shell. The term as taught to me included every ‘bad’ action one performed in life. Over time, I expanded this to include incorrect perceptions that colored my viewpoint. I have never seen anyone write that shells are also created and maintained by others.

Let us suppose you know someone that has stolen from their employer multiple times. Over the years, you have lost touch. If your memory of them includes the idea that they steal from their employer, it is that much harder for them to turn over a new leaf. If that memory contains a belief that those actions define the person, you add a layer of bars to their cage. If you think of someone as a manipulator, womanizer, mean-spirited, psycho, a bad driver, a push over or anything else the same thing happens.

I believe this is really what forgiveness is about. Forgiving isn’t about condoning the act but accepting that the event happened. The next step is releasing the person from one’s perception that the act defines them. This allows the person to redefine themselves. The embezzler may just become the most honest employee ever because s/he does not want to feel like a thief ever again.

The reverse is also true. If your ‘knowledge’ of someone is that they can overcome their weakness or have a special talent or anything else positive, that makes it easier for the person to open that door to great things.

So, it is incumbent upon myself to give up all thoughts of people I have not known for over a year.

How is this done? I plan on using what I recall as a Buddhist meditation where one ‘sees’ his own body decompose in death. My plan is to switch that up and see people I know from the past behaving according to my perceptions and then watching that image decompose until there is nothing left. That will free people from the cage I have built for them. This will give them a chance to walk out of the cage they created for themselves.

These cages do not have to be the same. Perceptions of others and the self are often incomplete and incorrect. Mine included. People build their own cages from guilt, insecurity, how others taught them to see themselves, life experiences etc. From this point forward, I am making an effort to release all the cages I have created for others.

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