Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dream Symbolism of the HGA

The Holy Guardian Angel is a well-known concept in the Western Esoteric Tradition. I am not going to expound much on what it is. The HGA is an intermediate being between your born self and your
immortal soul. He or she teaches you how to contact your immortal self.

Over the years I have had dreams where I woke up knowing I was seeing either my HGA in disguise or receiving a message from him. Please note, I use the term him because I know my HGA. I have met him and could easily recognize him in any chance encounter on the street.

My first encounters with my HGA were of him disguised as a police officer. In these dreams, he was
telling me not to do something, literally stopping me from doing something or I stopped doing whatever I was doing because I saw a cop. That something always had an immediate and obvious coorelation to my life. It took me a while but I started to heed the warnings.

I believe that the authority figure motiff occurs because living a life in alignment with one’s soul is easy if you stop doing things that take you out of that life. These are not necessarily moral decisions. He stopped me from doing perfectly socially acceptable things that were not in alignment with my soul.

Often, the behaviors we must stop are things that we think impact our survival but do not. Other times, we have to stop doing things that lead to a false life. For example, someone with the soul of an artist studying to be an accountant to please her father.

These dreams evolved until that same police officer protected me from things in my dreams. The
analogies here were not as obvious. On some occasssions, the threat in my normal life became obvious.

On very rare occassions, the image of the authority figure would change. He appeared as a high school teacher, a Catholic priest, and I think once as a doorman telling me that I could not enter a building. I am sure there were other forms.

At some point the figure changed. He became the pope. Yes that pope. This was not a Discordian
experience. There was always a gatekeeper. She was the Pope’s secretary sitting at a desk outside his
office. In these dreams, my Catholic sister, would always know the gatekeeper and be let in. I had to
wait. Sometimes, I walked in. I have no recollection of what happens then. I viewed these dream as the pope being representive of my highest soul, not my HGA.  Perhaps, my sister’s appearance means that I have to be religious about things. Maybe, I am supposed to get to know the gatekeeper. I have not pieced that together yet.

The inspiration for this post came last night. In last night’s dream, I was the cop. In the same way, I know that the other dreams were of my HGA, I know that in this dream I was someone’s HGA. The most likely interpretation was that someone in my real life is looking at me as an HGA figure. The less likely intrepretation is that in the future, I will evolve to the point that I will be someone’s HGA. It seems a bit soon for that. Another unlikely interpretation is that in another alternative reality, I have already

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Unknown said...

Your description of the Holy Guardian Angel is in sharp contrast to my recollection of Crowley's description of the HGA as the highest guide in the pantheon, comparable to the modern "Higher Self"

I much prefer your description of the HGA as inner protector/gatekeeper/policeman who protects us both in the physical and etheric realms!