Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stupidly Effective Foolish Magick

There is one form of stupidly effective foolish magick. This warning applies to newbies and experienced people alike.

Qabalistically speaking, there are many levels of the soul. The lowest is the physical body. The one above that is the instinctual body that rules fight/flight and reproduction. Basically, it keeps you alive long enough to reproduce and to keep your offspring alive long enough to do the same. These two soul levels are not usually capable of a lot of thought but they have a lot of energy.

When we are motivated by these lower needs and draw upon the power of these souls we can do some effective magick. For example, if a person is frightened that their children might starve, the blind energy of those fears (generated in the lower souls) gets poured into the magick. That energy has a powerful but low vibrational rate. There is no thought to it at all. This sort of energy is the equivalent of a magickal hand grenade. When we are worried about starving children we don’t have a great deal of ethical concerns. We are going to feed our kids.

The problem is that most of the time things are not that dire. You do not need ten dollars that badly. You do not need a date that badly. You do not need the promotion that badly. However, our lower psychology can convince us that we do. This sort of thing comes from the survival instinct. We convince ourselves that one more dollar an hour will keep us alive.

Is one dollar an hour worth throwing a hand grenade? No.

The warning signs for this sort of magick are desperation, nervousness, apathy towards others, feeling like you’ve drank twenty cups of coffee and feeling a bit out of control. Never do magick in these states unless your kid is starving.

You can do magick for that dollar an hour raise when your rational mind guides your actions. It is even safer (and more effective) when you are guided by your soul. At the very least, make sure your rational mind is in control before tossing a grenade or you will eventually regret it. 

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