Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Story of Abraham

Last night was odd to say the least. I had many visions. All of these visions showed me how I am distracted from my work. They included like focusing on my mistakes, focusing on the mistakes of others, being unable to see past a crowd (culture-centric thinking). My mind was in such an altered stated that I cannot remember them all. The visions lasted hours. I do know without question that the ideas of have planted. They will come forth when I stray from the path.

I would have predicted my love of baseball would have appeared in a list like that. It did not.

I would not have predicted the spin on the story of Abraham (Genesis 22). As most know, Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his son. Then at the last minute and angel told him not to. Because Abraham was willing to obey and sacrifice his beloved and only son, God blessed him and his descendants. When you look at how Abrahamic religions have spread across the globe, it appears that God kept that promise.

It was revealed that I am in this state. My soul is being asked to sacrifice its only and beloved son, my personality.. That sacrifice is what I fear. This fear is understandable but I am going to make or allow that sacrifice anyway.

I am not saying that I am Abraham. Most of my work has been microcosmic in nature. I just know now there is an analogy with the story of Abraham.


Scott Rassbach said...

If this is the story of Abraham, you are not being asked to sacrifice your son. You are being asked to obey, and to trust. Your son should make it through relatively unscathed, and there will be a substitute that is sacrificed. Perhaps a false personality, a facade.

Or, maybe a goat.

Robert said...

That is entirely plausable

Anonymous said...

Maybe your only goal is to leave your fears aside. Did you succeed?

Robert said...

The work is ongoing. I have not failed. Yet, I have not pushed over the edge either.