Saturday, November 21, 2015

Huson's Theurgy

If any of you are still around from the old days of this blog, you may remember several rants about what I thought of Paul Huson. Well for the record, I still find his book to lack any sort of humanity. However, he did include the most effective and easy ritual for theurgy that I have ever come across.

In Mastering Witchcraft, Huson speaks of a making a 'token gesture' for people entering the craft. Token gesture is a huge understatement. He says to recite the lords prayer backwards to remove old restraints and dedicate oneself to the craft.

The idea is that you've been bound by the belief systems instituted by Christendom even if you have never walked into a church. These must be undone. Take that part with a grain of salt. Some of us need to undo them. Some of us part of them. Others may only need to remove a smidgen.

What you do need to do is remove every indoctrinated belief about yourself that does not serve your purposes. So, here is what you do.

  • Make a list of your limiting believes and facts about yourself. It does not have to be extensive as there is no rule that says you cannot repeat this process. However, the items on your list must be important to you.
  • Write that list backwards.
  • Light candles, maybe some incense and call upon your God/gods and your highest and best self (your immortal soul). Take your time with this. Focus on this until you get that gut feeling they are there. If that never comes, do it anyway. Sincerity counts here.
  • Recite your backwards list three times. 
  • Repeat on three consecutive nights.
  • You can keep a record of what you said. However, the list you read from during the rite should be burned.
As for your list and writing it backwards. Here is what that may look like.

I get nervous when I meet new people. 
My appearance is unkempt. 
I am meant to be alone.

Notice the first two are facts and the last is a belief. Any combination is just fine.

Backwards, that list reads like this:

elpoep wen teem I nehw suovren teg I
tpmeknu si ecnaraeppa yM
enola eb ot tnaem ma I

Don't be intimidated. Just read it as best you can. By day three it will sound like a cool new language. 

Yes, I have done this several times. Having experienced the inward initiation does not mean that the work is complete. 

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