Sunday, November 15, 2015

For Those Working the Lesser Key of Solomon (the Goetia)

Having been asked, here is how to work the Goetia.

There are a lot of rules to working the goetia. The circle, lamens, triangles of art and the like are clearly shown in most texts. Lesser used tools, such as the tail of a lion are also mentioned as requirements. 

Frankly, none of these are necessary. I repeat not a single tool is necessary. The problem is that you've been told they are. You've been told that the Solomonic spirits in that book are dangerous. Whether your conscious mind believes that or not, some part of you does. Therefore, using these tools becomes a requirement. The belief, note that I did not say knowledge, that these spirits are dangerous is enough to make them so. The people that have told you they are dangerous to you have not done you any favors but nothing can be done for it.

One note of warning, the spirits can be dangerous to others. Always admonish them not to harm yourself, others that you know or do not know. Some go so far as to include a line preventing harm to pets. 

In magick, words often mean what you think they mean. Though just as often they mean what they mean. So, figure out what harm means. Even though it is obvious, look it up in several dictionaries. Read all the meanings because all the meanings apply at some level. Then meditate, "What does 'harm' mean? My definition of that word has so morphed over time that this exercises bears repeating. To me, harm is short term. Nothing is harmful over the long term but that is my view of the universe and an entirely different story.

Go through this exercise with every tool. What are those squiggly lines and names around the pentagram? There is much to be learned there. Learn about every tool. Read. Meditate. Most likely a lion's tail is unobtainable but its secrets are not. What properties did those ancients hope to gain from such an article? See to it that you have them. 

As unnecessary as they are, follow the rules and learn of the tools as best you can. There is much to be gained there. 

Here is why goetia has the reputation it does. People approach it from a place of disbalance. I coin that word due to its similarity with disease. Dis-ease... a lack of ease. Balance is imperative. Everyone that I have ever seen harm themselves or others with these spirits did so because they used them to get things they wanted. They used them to sooth their fragile egos. They used them to demonstrate power. In short, they leaned into their petty sides so far that a stiff breeze blew them over an into the abyss...and not in a good way.

A profound sense of the point is necessary. This is given in the first knowledge lecture of the Golden Dawn. Meditate on the point as defined in mathematics. Become that point. This point is the further defined in the Qabalistic Cross and is truly the 'point' of doing the LBRP. The LBRP does not banish it centers. It defines your point.  You become a carbon copy of G-d and nothing defies G-d. Spirits fall into line. They have to. They. Have. No. Choice. 

I gained knowledge of the point slowly and over a great deal of time. It can be achieved much more quickly but with a greater risk of trauma. Frankly, the long-term view says dive right in. Hit yourself with a hammer. You will heal or you won't. If you don't, you were never going to be successful anyway. 

First, start with Orobas. One of his abilities is that he does not suffer you being tempted by other spirits. In short, he brings you on point when you need to be. Conjure him, and ask that he does that but more importantly ask the following. "Remove from me that which prevents my understanding of the universe in such a way that my ego remains in tact for as long as I need it to." Feel free to reword that. The keys are: removing things that block your understanding/wisdom etc. and to do so in a way that does not drive you bonkers. Going from zero to enlightened leaves you unable to operate in the mundane world. 

Let that sit for a while. Learn how it works. Learn from your new place of clarity. Then move on to other spirits.

Yes, you can ask them to do things. I used one, documented in this space, to retrieve a magickal item being kept from me. Use them more often for knowledge of your universe. Use them to remove things that prevent that knowledge.

Yes, you will act out and do stupid things. Your reputation will suffer. You will dislike yourself at times but this vomiting forth will serve you. No longer will you be able to hide those things that interfere with your soul's manifestation. These things will be purged. In doing so, you will rise up and take these spirits with you. You will make them better.

Most of these spirits truly mean no harm. I have yet to encounter one that does. That does not mean no such spirit exists only that I have not encountered that one yet.

Courage. Perseverance. Sacrifice. You can do this. Know that it will not always be pretty but you can do this. 


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for this. It helped a lot, and removed a lot of fear in my case. Thanks a lot.

Robert said...

I am glad it helped. Feel free to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I will!

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to read this book safely? I just want to read it because of curiosity and knowledge purpose! Also can I read the The Key of Solomon after reading The "Lesser" Key of Solomon?

Thanks in Advance!