Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Problem with Perfection

There is a problem in seeing the Perfection. There is a problem with being so calm. There is a problem in having no conflict whatsoever, within or without. The problem is one gets lazy. In the past, I always had a struggle against some foe, within or without. That always motivated me to do better. That motivation is gone.

I have continued with my life coaching practice, teaching tarot and the Soul Sangha (Manifestation Meditation) locally and the like. These things are easy.

During the Soul Sangha meetings, we do the meditation together. In every meeting, one or two people achieve strong benefits from the group session. My role is more of a facilitator. This time, I was hit hard with two lessons.

1. I am hearing what I need to do correctly. I have to act on what I hear. I have to have FAITH...a totally new word for me. FAITH in myself, FAITH in others, FAITH in the Perfection, FAITH IN the Logos, FAITH in my gods.

2. It is time for me to apply the advanced MM now. The entry level isn't cutting it for me. I must abandon it for that which is more.

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