Sunday, June 8, 2014

Preliminary Results to the Advanced MM

I have been doing the Advanced MM. Okay, check that, I have done it three times as it tends to be a bit intense. However, things are changing already in two areas, maybe three. I offer them here in no particular order.

  • My ceremonial magician self appears to be making a comeback. I haven't wanted to do ceremonial work in ages. Now, I have a craving to speak to some elementals. The meanings of the tools have reworked in my head as well. I think using them, which I rarely have done in the past, will be enhanced now. 
  • I find myself totally bored with Facebook, the internet and what passes for 'news' now-a-days. 
  • I am getting smacked by people's reactions to me and my views. It is interesting that I do not get mad about their unwillingness to actually listen to what I have to say but more saddened by their automated reactions. On the other hand, work problems have reversed. 


Yvonne said...

I am also ready to return to the advanced version of the MM. I have an intention to open the heart. It will be profound and I am a little scared because this MM is very intense. Am I ready?

Robert said...

The upside of the MM is there is no guru. You have to know for yourself when you are ready.

I have rewritten it a bit. I will send you a copy and you can use it when you are ready.

Yvonne said...

thanks. I actually want another copy if you can. and you are correct about guru energies...I am seeing this clearly...nothing between me and I, my choice, my path, my lesson, my creations. And I am ready to step forward, the support has been everywhere! It is so amazing