Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The One Year Anniversary of My Awakening

Today marks the one year anniversary of my awakening as recorded here.

That day seems quite long ago. In fact, I have a very hard time understanding old Robert. It isn't like those who knew me then wouldn't recognize me now. The change is not that drastic in form. My puns are just as bad as they have ever been but I enjoy them even more.

If I had to narrow it down, I would say that the main change is two-fold.

  • Personal Perception
  • Personal Creation
As most of you know, my perception has moved to the view that all souls are in the continual process of unfolding. That process is perfect and each moment is whole unto itself. Nothing is fractured. I think I have shared that enough in the past. I see no point in boring you with more on that.

Old Robert had a lot of anger issues. Over the last month or so, I have come to understand why that issue has passed. When I was angry, I was using my fiery creative energy trying to force others  to see the world as I saw it. Or, I was trying to create in places where there was universal resistance, such as work. Or, I was trying to create where there was no hope of having any influence, such as arguing about politics. What I could not help to create, I burned down. I was also quite easily baited. 

New Robert creates easily. 
  • My lecturing, teaching, life and coaching business, those are not one thing but three interlocking things, is starting off quite well. 
  • Soul Sangha, which is the local Manifestation Meditation group, is now growing to bimonthly meetings instead of monthly. Those are free. 
  • The MM book is finally coming along, thanks to some coaching I have received from classmates.
  • My home life is superb.
  • My friendships are blossoming.
  • Two MM people have experienced the ALL in the past month. One credits the MM. The other does not. The jury is out on weather they will hold it.
  • I am starting to accept the spiritual teacher label. 
  • I have lost fifteen pounds and easily eat better.
  • Adjustments to my approach to things come easily.
  • My teaching has been described as "spiritual morphine" because for the length of time I am lecturing "all is right with the world and nothing can be wrong," life's pains depart for many in the audience.
  • Forgiveness comes easily.
  • I have no insecurities.
  • I know exactly what my True Will is and I am doing it. Nothing whatsoever has stood in my way.
  • I laugh a lot.
I could continue but there would be little point. 

The most fundamental thing I have learned is how close all of us are to G-d, Goddess, the Great Universal IT or whatever you call That Which Creates. We are just as close to enjoying singularity of thought with the All. Everyone is just half a step away.

I have also learned that our so-called faults and difficult portions are really the virtues of our souls just slightly misapplied. There are few, if any, major changes that need to occur. A few tiny, and by that I mean tiny, adjustments need to be made. That is all. 

I know that every person reading this is perfect. I know that you are all worthy of G-d. I know you can all get to your personal version of where I am right now. Have hope. Be persistent. You can do this.


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Congratulations Robert.

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