Sunday, November 10, 2013

Purity as a Discipline

Unless you are new to this space, you are already aware of my mystic ontological viewpoint.

  • All things, events and humans are perfect
  • All things, events and humans contribute to the perfect unfolding of the human soul both individual and collective
  • All things, events and humans are whole and complete at all times.
I have come to understand these principles to be true. I question them not and have not questioned them since they were revealed to me. This is the way things are.

Living as a mystic among these truths can be harder because the mind is filled with flawed human perceptions. I believe now I have found a discipline that aids this process. 

This process was revealed to me in three steps. These steps would not be necessary for others, just myself. 

The first step was the idea of purity itself. It struck me as I was preparing a tarot class. The infinity symbol appeared both above the magician and the strength card of the Rider-Waite deck. The odd part was that I was not looking at this deck at the time. 

Infinity is quite a difficult concept to the human mind. Perhaps mathematicians may have an understanding but the rest of us, likely not. This thought lead nowhere until I saw the symbol stood on end (more like an 8) before me and within the perfection. Immediately as above, so below popped into my mind. That was quickly followed by the Thoth two of pentacles. 

Look at the light in the top circle and the darkness in the bottom. All of this suddenly slammed into me and brought the realization that this was a symbol of purity. The universe is clean our perceptions are not. I began using the 8 shape as a filter and began looking at the world as pure

The second step was the revelations of forgiveness. There is no need to cover that again here, except to say that I have sent some short note of forgiveness to four people involved in various aspects of the very bad thing. Forgiveness is the release of any debt. I am owed nothing.

The third step involved many compliments from humans that both are aware of my work and live in ignorance of it. Some of those words would have spun my head into a period of ego masturbation in years past. This time, I put my memories of my old self before me and used it as a filter to their words. This was not a conscious decision. My soul objected.

The other day, after a long talk with a man named VI, I decided to view this old self through the lens of purity. Then I heeded the prompt to view my current self through that lens. When I did, my mind reached out and absorbed many 'incidents' of my old self. It was like I ate and digested my old selves. It was quite the visual.

Since that time, my default thought is I am. There are no projections or worries. I am.

Viewing life through the lens of purity means accepting each interaction without any prejudice from prior experience or deformed thought. It is total acceptance of the now. This of course is very difficult or it will be until I get the next key to unlock this as a permanent skill. Regardless, this is my discipline now.

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