Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Catalyst I Am, a Teacher Not.

I have found myself involved in several situations that put me in a role of authoritative sharing. Authoritative meaning that I am viewed as an authority not as in that I have some sort of rule-enforcing power. I teach a qabalistic tarot class that is heavily tinged with spiritual development practice. I have a very small working group that engages in a practice we call communion (with the gods). I moderate my local Manifestation Meditation group. I have a private student. I am doing life coaching. Lastly, I am engaged in many a private conversation with the spiritually engaged.

I am uncomfortable with the word spiritual teacher as it implies that I share a specific path. Guru* implies a level of obtainment I have not achieved. At the moment, catalyst seems the correct word as 99% of the progress is of their own doing. 

Today, I have received two notifications of tremendous growth from folks in my general surrounds. Seeing this makes me feel something I also have difficulty naming. The only words I can find is soft satisfaction.

* The MM group has pegged me with the nickname Gurulicious, which is the only nickname I have had that made me laugh. 

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