Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brief Reader Q & A -- Life After Finding Peace

Reader: Tell me about your life right now.

I am at peace

Reader: Tell me more about that.

The peace started in February with that soul repair/rebirth meditation. The best way to describe it is that short circuit has been repaired. Maybe another way to describe it is that there was an electrified fence around me or a dangerous third-rail. Whatever the case, that is gone.

It would seem that peace is a natural state that occurs in the absence of damage.

The understanding of the Perfection, The Unfolding and The Wholeness of all things contributes to that as well. It may seem contradiction to what I just said but from that view nothing can be damaged. So, any bump in the road is immediately smoothed out. That can give the impression that one hasn't been tested by very negative things but that isn't true. That illusion is caused because one passes the tests so easily that it feels like one has never been tested. Those may be famous last words. We will see.

Reader: Your writing seems more Thelemic lately.

I have always been Thelemic in the broad sense of the word. I have always sought my True Will. I just know what that is now. I haven't mastered manifesting that completely yet but I do understand.

Reader: How does it feel when you look back at your life before?

Surreal. There are times when I can look back and literally feel the angst and the poisons that were my reality and wonder why I ever thought any of it was real. It is like reading a prequel to a well-loved book and being taken aback by the shocking elements in the before story that you didn't pick up from the novel. Sometimes, it is like reading the history of an ancestor that you can relate to quite well. Then I think, "Was that really me? Was that my life? Did I see things that way?" It is odd to say the least.

Reader: Tell me about the joy you are experiencing from your Manifestation Meditation (MM) class? 

The locals meet in my home once a month. I call it the Soul Sangha. Those meetings are fun because you get to see the thought processes that make sense of the realizations people have. I am not sure these thought processes ever hit the core of the issue even though the core of the issue has been owned by the person in question. Mind cannot always understand spirit and that is just fine.

My big thrills come from the random texts and notes I receive. These are usually short and sweet but reveal great emotion. "My life is SO MUCH BETTER." How can one recieve that and not be thrilled, joyful and humbled?

I am deliberately growing things slowly but I love doing the occasional lecture on the topic. Last weekend I did a lecture at the local occult shop. The audience was double their average attendance for a class. One person was taking it for the second time. Every person in attendance signed up on my mailing list to be notified of future classes. I take that as a sign they enjoy the presentations as well.

Along that same line, I did the class in a private home recently for seven people. That has evolved into bi-weekly tarot classes for eight or nine people.

I learned not long ago that my father's wife, whom I have always had a contentious relationship with, is using the MM and has been for about two years. She has found it very valuable. That surprised me more than a little but in a good way. Anytime I can contribute to anyone's life improving, I am quite happy about it.

Reader: Have you tweaked the MM in the last year?

Yes. There is the normal version which I revised a bit with the help of a man named VI. There are advanced, supreme and ultimate versions. I also base any magick I do on the same formula.

Reader: Do you teach these at your classes?

I do not teach them in the public classes. Those last over an hour already and people have a tendency to jump in too far too fast. In the Soul Sangha, I will mention the magickal formula and the advanced version. The rest I keep to myself. The Supreme and Ultimate versions are a bit too much for me to handle. So, I do not feel qualified to present those just yet.

Reader: How is work?

Work is the only place the peace hasn't fully manifested yet. It is much better and I am much calmer. I know exactly why I do not have peace there and that seriously reduces the personal angst I have over the non-peace.

Reader: How is the life coaching going?

The Soul Sangha is free but I include my lectures and classes as part of my business plan. I officially opened for business a couple of months ago and immediately broke even after my modest start-up expenses. I now have already established a consistent and significant monthly profit which is not enough to quit my real job yet but it is very encouraging. I have one contracted paying life coaching client, one free client grandfathered in from my practicing time in school and one person from school that has asked me to trade services with her. That last is pretty satisfying as she has other resources which include a nation-wide financial counseling company that she works for, strong church ties and solid connections with other coaches. I find her to coming to this Pagan with her very Christian faith in need of coaching to be more than gratifying.

I am very happy building this foundation for this new career very slowly and steadily.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

Man this is so nice to read after these few years. How our lives have changed! Finally becoming who we are!