Saturday, June 6, 2009

On to Fire

Well, it has been a while since my last post of any substance.

I have continued the Stavish meditations. The book is called Between the Gates. I am on water and that is my element of issue. So, I've had little result except a few confusing dreams. I am not following Stavish instructions to change each element at exactly a week. Instead, I continue until that little voice tells me I am done. I am hearing that voice now with water and switched to fire last night.

I dreamed that I was on a ranch. I had dreamed of this ranch before. My Gal is always in the dream when the ranch appears. There is a lake. In talking to the wealthy people who owned the place, I was suddenly told to get out. I was puzzled by this but I left. Someone asked what happened. I told her the woman owner asked to see the shirt I was wearing under another shirt. Then kicked me out. The reaction was that the lady did not like vertical stripes. There was a shared reaction that this was unreasonable and then the line, "Her husband loves her greatly." Left unspoken was the understanding that the love would have to be strong to put up with her behavior.

I also dreamed that I was at a large house with my sister. The house was shaped like a square with an inner courtyard. In one corner of the courtyard, there was a deep pool but very natural. This was not a modern swimming pool. It was dirty and ugly. My sister was about to walk into and I told her not to. I said, "That is like quicksand, no it is quicksand."

I find it interesting that as soon as I start moving on to fire, I dream of water. There were no water dreams when I was meditating on water.

There have been other symptoms of my water time. I felt as if the key to spirit was laying around but hopelessly overlooked. My mentor tells me that I am closer to spirit than I think but I don't feel that. The other symptoms I am keeping to myself. I simply don't feel like sharing them. As the lack of posts indicate, I am not really talkative at this point.

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Anonymous said...

That second dream is very interesting. It sounds like a Roman Atrium. I have had a similar dream. when I looked in the pool there was moss and these strange eel creatures swimming around.