Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Change of Mood

Isn't it funny how one little ritual, a ritual you've done a 1,001 times, done for routine reasons but with focus, can seriously change one's mood? Tonight I went from mundane to that special spiritual mood that, I wouldn't even call magickal. Just peace.

It is moments like this that makes all those rituals done before, when bored and barely focused, full of initiatory angst, really pay off.

Funny that.

For those of you that are new. Do that LBRP/BRH...a lot. If that isn't your deal, find its equivilent in what you do. Do it...a lot.



Suecae Sounds said...

I know what you mean. For those who are not at home with ritual, a daily prayer can introduce the same change as well. (The LRBP being a ritual prayer to my mind).

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

I've been doing a bit of our equivalent of LBRP with a couple Pater Nosters and some hesychastic practice. I find it very centering, morning and night. Even the days when I'm not into it, it works quite well.