Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mic Drop for Jesus

My issues with Christianity have been documented in this space. Earlier in the week, I was taken to school by none other than Christ himself…at least he was Christ in my head.

To recap, I have never bought into the idea of original sin. I think the idea is degrading to humans and our spiritual connections. Moreover, I have found that the attitude of many evangelicals is repulsively judgmental. Significant portions of them, no matter how nice they are socially, espouse ideas that I do not think are nice at all.

Yesterday, an old friend contacted me. She was having a crisis of faith. Oddly, it is not unusual for me to field this issue. I am stunned when Christians come to me or simply have that conversation with me as they know what my attitude has been in the past. I gave her the same advice I always do. Pray to Jesus and ask him to teach you what you need to know to reconnect.  Jesus, like every other god that I have encountered or advised someone to pray to, has always responded. Always. Every time.  The signs are usually so obvious a complete novice picks them up. There is no need for anyone to encounter anything as dramatic as a burning lawn shrub.

After this conversation, I hear a voice in my head. The quoted text below isn’t quite right but it is close.

“Why did you not advise her to leave me and try another god?”
“Because she has been yours her entire life.”
“But you don’t like me.”
“I have no business interfering in someone else’s relationship with their god.”
“But you don’t like me.”
“I don’t like your teachings but more so, I do not like what your followers say and do.”
"They do not know me. Neither do you."
Now call me daft but that was the point that I realized who I was talking to.
“Why do you hold that against me?”
“Because if I say or do something that my gods don’t want me to, I hear about it.”
“What makes you think I don’t tell them?”
“They don’t seem to be listening. Why don’t you correct them?”
“Yes, I have heard that excuse before. If I ignored the teachings of my gods, they would drop me.”
“What makes you think I haven’t? Have you not seen all these people have is the law?”

BAM! That was a mic drop moment for Jesus.

He continued anyway, “They have no love.”

No, I am not going to convert but I am slowly becoming more accepting of Jesus and his pantheon. I do believe that is because I am a theurgist. My universe is now expanding. So is my mind, my emotional ability and my life. My goal is not consistency but truth and not THE truth but the truth I need to move forward. This is just one small piece.

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