Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lesser Key Work

I have been busy. I have instigated a lot of local pagan/magickal activity. Posting here has been sporadic. In large part, I simply do not feel like posting. There is now a better reason.

Not too long ago, I did some work out of the Lesser Key. I used my triangle ritual as a base and then called forth a daimon. The triangle ritual gets me so high that the daimon looked very small. The experience was not unlike looking at someone on the ground from a skyscraper. Seeing such a daimon as small, while true from one perspective, is misleading once one returns to consensus reality. The charge was simple. Remove any shell that hides or obscures my soul from myself and/or others. I had my ass kicked so hard that my asshole became my third eye.

I learned the following lessons:

1)      I need to stay fully present in the moment during every conversation I have no matter the form.
2)      I need to apply the same techniques in mundane life as my magickal. In short, in every situation my task is to ask “What do I need to hear?”
3)      I understand now, having learned of my own denial, how people can steadfastly deny the obvious.
4)      I understand now, having seen myself do it, how people can convince themselves of the rightness of their actions, even though they are obviously wrong.
5)      I understand now, having seen myself do it, how people can be abusive or less than helpful, while fully believing they are helping.
6)      I have been arrogant on a massive scale.
7)      Taking care of those you love is a willful 24/7 process.
8)      I am no longer perpetually angry, short tempered or confrontational.

The better reason for not posting is that speaking of the gods and the lessons they bring, feels like hubris. Who am I to say that any god or goddess knows of my existence? Even if I feel them and see their activity, speaking of such seems disrespectful.

On another note, this winter I have traveled several times to Tartarus. That has been quite terrifying, super cool, and educational.

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