Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Perfection of Hecate and Buddha Nature

"Hecate Cthonia holds the highest wisdom...which is 'nothing bad ever happens, only our karma coming back to us.'" from Hecate - Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery by Jade Sol Luna.

"What is our true nature if it is not this body? There are many words we can use to describe what our true nature is. The simplest word in Buddhism for that is Buddha Nature. The definition of Buddha Nature is that we are already enlightened. We are perfect as we are. When we realize this, we are perfect. When we do not realize this, we are also perfect." - From No Self No Problem the teachings of Anam Thubten

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Christopher DeGraffenreid said...

I find Jade Luna's perspective to be that of a true mystic. He isn't bound by artificial borders or limited by traditional understandings. If one looks at the thoughts of the great mystics, one finds unifying threads underneath the accumulated dogmas. The truth will always win out...for he or she who is persistent.