Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Appearance of the HGA

When one is first being contacted by one's HGA, the angel often takes the form of a police officer in dreams. The reason for this is that in our culture, the police officer is a sign of absolute authority. We may dispute the rightness of our politicians but rarely, even with evidence of abuse of power*, is a police officer's authority questioned by the general public. We know police officers at a subconscious level as an authority but also by a different name, peace officer. It is through these dual ideas that the angel takes it form, unquestioned authority and a keeper of peace.

Long after these appearances, he may take another form such as a corporate CEO. In this mode, we acquiesce to his authority because of what he can bestow upon us. In this capitalist society, that is a job or an investment opportunity. Of course, the arrangement is strictly voluntary. One can, at least in theory, work for anyone and invest anywhere. That said, the choosen relationship is entered into with by both parties with an eye toward profit. So it is at this stage with the HGA. The human spirit gains something. There is also a gain on the part of the angel. What that is, I cannot say.

* This is not meant as a condemnation of police officers merely the acknowledgement that some abuse their power. Nor, should one's political view of police enter one's thoughts when considering these ideas. We are speaking in long-term cultural ideas only.


levelu7 said...

Seems like it would be a very individual thing in how we perceive are HGA.

Robert said...

Oh yes, it is. I know someone that swears hers appeared as a hamster paw. If you know her, it makes sense. However, I have read many statements about dream HGA appearing as cops. So, I think it is a common motif.

Harlequinade said...

I respectfully disagree.
Above everything, dream cops are symbols of our superego; ie., lower, mundane authority. Both cops and superego are so liable to abuse... Here on my country, everyone knows that there's little distance between cops and bandits.

It may be the case that your HGA is endorsing your superego position regarding something, and on this case, your HGA is presenting himself as a cop.

I often dreamed about cops. This ceased as soon as I stopped some self-repressive behaviours.

The HGA functions as a natural / divine authority. Maybe the Sage is a more appropriate symbol to express it's function. I think mine showed, long ago, on a dream as a Wise Street Punk. He teached me how to play some tunes on guitar that should allow me to "wake up" from being imprisioned in a dream. ;)

Do you think that our political views affect how our HGA presents itself to us? I mean, what is a CEO, "functionally"? The privileged class of an unbalanced civilization. The masterminds of criminal enterprises who steals entire countries. If they appear to me in my dream, I stop and think carefully what part of me is acting in such an unbalanced manner; in what fashin I'm sustaining the Old Aeon patriarchy in my micropolitics...

Robert said...

I think that the HGA will appear in any form that allows the mind to grasp its meaning. And yes, whatever we have in our lower mind can be used as a foil for our HGA.

I have a friend that is a police officer, I would think that his HGA would take another form of authority, when authority is needed to impress a message, perhaps a physician.

All-in-all it is a personal thing but I do feel that certain presentations of the HGA can arise from cultural influences.

Harlequinade said...

You'll like to hear that it appears that my HGA just showed himself in 2 recent dreams as a cop.
Both happened at the peak of a meditation retreat, in a very subtle mindstate; it may have allowed some comunication to come about; these dreams were not regular anxiety dream about self-repression; the cop was clear-headed, compassionate and was dead right on his attitude. Still, he was severe and scolded me - firstly for taking some serious things lightly, secondly for speaking untrue things due to being unaware of my speech.
The overall feeling of it was very different from my previous anxiety dreams with cops.

Robert said...

You know what I like about people that do the Work? It is that when stuff like this happens they make mention of it.

I know some folks that think this is a weakness. I find it to be a great strength of the spiritual mindset.