Monday, August 24, 2009

Change in Methods...

I know I've been quieter of late than when I started this blog. Originally, the blog related to my daily work as a magician. Some time ago, I hit a period of my life when I'm suddenly more silent and my posts became a little less direct. I noticed a few times that I'm speaking more metaphorically than before.

This is a reflection of an internal quiet that has come over me. I am not sure when it started precisely. In the midst of this new phase but not long ago, I read a book called the Witch of Portobello. Again, I'm not sure how but I began to listen to the universe in a different way at that time. It is then that I was taught what I call the lesson of the shrub, documented here. In the past, I've mentioned my 'issue' or 'obsession'. That lesson, which consisted of two whole sentences, has all but cured that problem. This, in turn, has lead to an even quieter state of mind.

From there, I recognized a pattern in the tarot that I have been really working on developing. I am working on turning that insight into several local classes. For reasons I can not explain (because I don't know them), I will not be discussing those insights here.

I expect to keep up this blog. I think it will morph into something else, maybe. I have no idea what it will change into.

P.S. Thanks Josephus for the book recommendation. It will be placed on my future buy list

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Suecae Sounds said...

Paulo Coelho; author of the Witch of Portobello, is a very different type of author. He is quite open about his past in the occult, as well as his ongoing engagement in hermeticism.

Anyway. I wish you the best in your continuing life and I believe that whatever change visible on your blog which is grounded in your changing perspective, it is more then likely for the better.